Footpaths in Kryoneri

The footpaths of Kryoneri were made with structured intervention, with collaborations in European educational programs (youth exchanges, volunteerism, environmental education, etc.).

Hiking and cycling tours in our area (organized or not) are facilitated by the existence of a network of trails in the wider area of ​​Kryoneri, which have been demarcated and marked. This facilitates organized hiking and guided tours of mountain attractions and nature.

At the initiative of the local cultural institutions of youth and within the framework of the European program "Youth", paths with a total length of 24 km around Kryoneri have been demarcated. Young European volunteers helped in various environmental and cultural promotions of the area (such as construction and installation of information signs on the trails, mapping, etc.). The trails are marked, mapped and connected to the educational trails of Lake Stymfalia, and are suitable for walking, hiking and mainly for mountain biking. The routes connect the sights of the area of ​​Kryoneri with zones of natural beauty.