The conscious use of renewable energy sources and water resources protection systems is part of the agritourism and ecotourism philosophy of the "Elisson" Guesthouse.

The Hostel uses a biological sewage cleaning system, so that the water can be re-used to irrigate the garden, and precious potable water is not wasted.

A geothermic system ensuring hot water from the ground, supplies the hostel with heating. This is achieved with the circulation of the water in 8 pipelines, each having the length of 125 m, in 2 m depth in the courtyard. There, in depth, the ground temperature is regularly +15°C. The geothermic heating pump produces hot water, which goes into the heating system of the building. Thus is ensured constant, uniform, economic and ecological heating in the whole building, using renewable energy, without pollution.

The extensive use of solar energy for hot water and heating is obtained with 8 solar panels on the roof, supplying the hostel with clean energy (from the sun and geothermic).