BRAF “Mountainous Alternative Tourism”

The close cooperation with BRAF “Mountainous Alternative Tourism”, since 2003, active in Kryoneri, offers to visitors alternative activities of recreation and sports. In this way, visitors can get to know the region by hiking or mountain-biking. Tours in the region are organized with mini-buses as well as the shuttle service to train and bus stations in Kiato (15 km).

With a population of 953 inhabitants, Kryoneri is the ideal place for a quiet, relaxing holiday. The village and the surrounding area is ideal for hiking, cycling, mountaineering as well as for swimming, since the sea is only a quarter by car (15 km from the city of Kiato, with a good country road)

The village is located at an altitude of 740 meters, offering a panoramic view of the Corinthian Gulf. The mountain range of Ziria (or Kyllini) with a height of 2,376 is also located a short distance from Kryoneri. Picturesque villages are mushrooming among the mountains and forests that surround the area.
Its ideal location allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of the landscape and life in a lively village, combined with the life of the coastal urban area, which offers the coolness of the sea and possibilities of cosmopolitan life in the cities of Kiato, Xylokastro and Corinth as well as in the coastal villages of the Vocha plain.
The cultural opportunities offered by the area are also remarkable, as well as the educational activities that have been developed in recent years.

Ιn Kryoneri, about 22 km of trails have been demarcated and mapped, suitable for mountain biking and hiking, as part of European educational programs for young people.
Since 1997, exchange groups of young people from various European countries have been implementing activities in the region, with the aim of developing this mountainous area and promoting alternative employment opportunities for young people living here.
Thus European Union programs such as "YOUTH" (youth exchanges and volunteering) or "LEONARDO DA VINCI" (vocational training of young people) have offered the maximum in the region and its young people.
Some typical examples are:

   • the reconstruction of the building of the "Kryoneri Club", a cultural center that houses the local cultural youth association, the agricultural cooperatives, the office of the Municipal Department of Kryoneri and hosts mainly cultural activities).

   • the reconstruction of the traditional path of Kato Vrysi Kryoneri by European volunteers (opening and unveiling of the cobblestone, reconstruction of dry stone yards, marking, mapping, etc).

The paths mentioned above and described here allow you to get in touch with the surrounding area and unspoiled nature.
The maps based on the technology of the GPS system (Global Positioning System) and contained in this website, allow you to discover each of the trails with comfort and confidence. A security based on the use of GPS and makes you independent of terrestrial signage (signs, etc.), which needs permanent renewal due to natural or "unnatural" damage (see human sabotage).

Kryoneri and in the surrounding villages you can find cafes, taverns, groceries and bakeries that offer you rest, food and supplies for the road.
On your hiking or cycling trips we would advise you to stock up on some food and a bottle of water, especially on hot sunny days. Suitable walking or cycling shoes and a hat are essential.
All the paths of Kryoneri have starting points the Youth Information Center (in the village square) and Pano Vrysi with its Theater.
The signs inform you which route you are on and in which direction you are going. The letter "K" indicates the direction to Kryoneri.
Discover every path in any direction you like!
We wish you to enjoy all the trails, located in this beautiful nature that surrounds Kryoneri.

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