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The close co-operation with BRAF “Mountainous Alternative Tourism”, since 2003 active in Kryoneri, offers to visitors alternative activities of recreation and sports. In this way, visitors can getting know the region by hiking or mountain-biking. Tours in the region are organised with mini-buses as well as the shuttle service to train and bus stations in Kiato (15 km).
Moreover, in Kryoneri there is a motocross track near to the medieval Lechova monastery (11th century), where races are organized on national level.

The philosophy of the Hostel “Elisson” derives from the diversity of services offered, compared with the traditional meaning of vacation in Greece, with alternative services that are addressed to young people. Such services are the hospitality offered to young people's teams,interested in nature and in mountainous, cultural and eco-tourism activities, or activities of educational character, such us international youth exchanges , seminars, scientific visits to the astronomical observatory, cultural visits, environmental action in work camps.
Moreover, is given the possibility to participate in agro-tourism activities, like helping in farming (olive trees and vineyards) organic farming methodology and production, etc. Visitors can have a close look in the production of local products (grapes, raisins, sultanas, wine and olive oil), through specific organised agro-tourism programmes, in co-operation with local institutions and private producers.