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Attractions in the region


The Sikyonia upland is of great interest from historical, cultural and environmental point of view. Kryoneri is situated in the centre of the Corinthian region, that allows the visitors to move easily through it, thanks to the good road net.


Overlooked by the acropolis of the city of Stymfalos, this huge swamp covered with canes, with different extension and depths according to the season, lies in the centre of a circle of dark mountainous summits that culminate to approximately 2000 metres. This protected lake is the home for 143 species of migratory and typical birds of the place, included in the European program NATURE 2000. The district of Stymfalia has deliberated and established the more interesting paths for the educational visits around the lake and in the surrounding mountainous zones. By the lake, the Canadian archaeological service prepared the important site of ancient Stymfalos, coastal city with one mythological and historical tradition.

THE ENVIRONMENTAL MUSEUM OF STYMPHALIA is a masterpiece of integated presentation of this wonderfull mountainous region with the mythical lake and the high mountains. Just half an hour drive away from Elisson Hostel, you can admire the perfectly presented geomorfology and the life around the lake from the ancient period until today.

Curiosity: the birds of the lake… The gloomy waters of the Stymphalia lake scared the ancients: according to the legend they were infested by nauseous birds, with immense wings, that seized the travellers, suffocate them in their claws and then ate them. Hercules released the country from them during the fifth of its Twelve Labours, killing them with his arrows and offering them to Athena.

In the outskirts, we can visit the Folklore museum of Lafka, an artificial lake with dam and the Byzantine monastery of Saint George. Near Kryoneri, it is possible to admire the archaeological sites of Sikyon (17 km) and Ancient Corinth (35km).


In the district of Kryoneri, we can find this green lung of the region, unique in its kind, a forest protected from the wild life of the city, crossed by a long path of more than 5 kilometres, ideal for a long walk or to explore by bike. It leads to a rocky hill from where it is possible to admire the gulf of Corinth.



- Acropolis of Titani (8 km)

- Stymphalia lake and archaeological site of ancient Stymfalos

- Folklore Museum of Lafka (35 km)

- Feneos Lake

- Museum, stadium and archaeological site of ancient Nemea (35 km)



- Gulf of Corinth: 15 km, until the beautiful beach of Kiato

- Museum, archaeological site and theatre of Ancient Sikyon (19 km)

- Archaeological site and museum of ancient Corinth and Acrocorinth (35 km)