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Vacation & creative relaxation in a vivid Greek village.

Hostel Elisson is situated in Kryoneri, the largest mountainous village of the Corinthian Upperland. The 1.000 permanent residents are mainly farmers. Grapes (raisins & sultanas) & olive oil are both main products, cultivated for centuries in this village, keeping the population stable.

A vivid village with intense social life: 5 cafes, a greek tavern, 3 mini markets, 3  butchers, a bakery, a vegetables shop, a post office & a petrol station, are 7-days-a-week open, securing the needs of residents & guests.

The tradition & the cultural creativity are making the place attractive for visitors. There is an intense activity in the cultural & youth field.

The local society is served by an important infrastructure: health centre, school centre (kinderganden, elementary & secondary school with 125 students), playground at the square, football & mini-soccer with basket & volley-ball courts, culture centre, youth information centre, open air amphitheatre.

Residents & guests can enjoy the traditional / environmental footpath leading to the Lower Fountain & the 35 Km hiking / mountain-biking tracks around the village as well.

People also visit famous & unknown local monuments & sights, such as the Mycenean kings tombs, the Byzantine monastery of Lechova, the Obseratory & the Mougostos Oak trees forest.

Κρυονέρι Κορινθίας, Πανοραμική Θέα

Main local products
Corinthian raisins, grapes (Sultanas), olive oil.