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Archaeological sites

The Elisson hostel is located in an archaeological site, from which it is possible to enjoy one great panoramic view over the Micenaic royal tombs over the valley of the ancient river Elisson.


Locality “Virgin Mary”, in proximity of the cemetery of the village. The graves served in the past as shelter in the periods of incursions or as prisons for the rebellious during the period of the invasion. According to the testimony of an old clergyman, in a grave they would have had place divinatory rituals with about 60 faithful. The famous archaeologist Orlandos looked for this place in the Fifties.



Of great interest this restored monastery of the XI century, built to an altitude of 1.057 meters. Here one gynaecological clinic rose; recently the church has been restructured together to the patio and this constitutes a place of great interest for the visitors, above all for those interested in religious tourism. The road recently asphalted (4 km from Kryoneri) and illuminated attracts visitors in all the seasons of the year.


Near the monastery there is the deep cove of Lechova, of the last Neolithic period that has been recovered during the last few years and is one of the more important caverns of Greece, brought back also in the directory of the Greek Speleological Society.


More archaelogical sites i the region

Very close to Kryoneri there are famous archaeological sites and museums.

Ancient Sikyon (17 Km / 20 min.), ancient Corinth (35 Km / 30 min) and ancient Nemea (35 Km / 50 min).